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A single episode of a television program is seen by many more people than all the concerts put together, SO there is the possibility of conveying interesting content to a lot of people. But in the past we have seen hard and pure transforming under the cameras into cartoon characters without thickness, SO we fear that our idol on duty will face the same sad end.



1) if in a year Manuel Agnelli is on  L'Isola dei Famosi  con  perhaps not so hard Platinette ;

2) we are in 2016 raga, the Internet is the number one media, but the most clicked contents are football, pussy and bullshit that they would never dream of sending on TV;

3) I no longer believe in Us vs Them logic, of course I know, my tastes are disturbing, the  DIY  ce I have it in my blood and I never spared criticism of the mainstream, but goddamn I'm 35 thousand years old and I love to play even on big stages, fuck the logic of preserving the clubs and fucking with the big media, with the right intelligence they can be used as a showcase;

4)   X Factor  is a meat grinder, the stuff with more chances to sell wins, maybe Agnelli can shift the axis towards innovation a little, but boh, frankly gli  Afterhours   I'm not sure the group of the future and let's also say that the program itself today gives much more space to personal creativity (I saw very little , but between the times of  The Bastard Sons of Dioniso and those of  Sara Loreni  surely there is an abisso)

5) I remember an interview in which Agnelli claimed that X-Factor was all a farce, so if he is there to act as a guarantor for me it is good news, because I have friends who know him and are convinced that he works for the forces of Good;


6) I listened to  The Prodigy   long before they hit and obviously I felt betrayed by their success, let's not forget this dynamic when we analyze it, _cc781-81 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Lou X   we killed him because he made a record for a major which by the way is his best record for me;

7) someone over the years, in a happy moment when the  Eterea Post Bong Band   were called everywhere, said it was obvious given our "commercial sound", so I think we have very, very confused ideas about the difference between commercial and marketable,   I Camillas  were like that before and they were like that after tv, many songwriters of indies make me shit even if we share the same andergraund experiences and I don't think they would clash in the hottest radios,   Elio e le Storie Tese  they are great artists despite the tv , the talents and the garbage around them.

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