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Before the elections, many announced to delete from their Facebook friends who had clicked "like" a  Salvini  (or M5S or Forza Italia or PD etc.) .


This widespread behavior sounds like frivolity, but it isn't. I know you feel cool when you do this, but I would like to tell you one thing, even at the risk of being purged from your precious bulletin board: kontatti cleaning is dangerous.

There are already those who work tirelessly in the creation of filters between us and the others: they are the algorithms of  Facebook  e_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf Google . These are not bad robots, but systems that make our navigation satisfactory, putting us in a peaceful mood and willing to visit (and buy, of course ...). Thanks to constant profiling, it is enough to sometimes ignore a content that Facebook starts not offering us anymore. Even advertising is now tailor-made.


Some time ago I was looking for information on Serum, a niche software, but I was uncertain about buying. Google watched me and, in the Gmail home, often advertisements of that development house appeared. Facebook repeatedly offered me posts from nerdy friends who talked about that software. One night comes a limited special offer and ... the fish takes the bite. I end up cheerful in the pan.


A few years later and the faces of girlfriends, friends and relatives will appear in the advertisements. Each of us will have our own little world around us. And it's not an episode of  Black Mirror.

There is no scientist or astronaut who can convince flat-earthers. Let's understand: crazy people have always existed. But the ideological segregation we are immersed in today has led us to a crowdfunding campaign to send someone into space to check the earth's roundness. Groups of people impervious to everything outside their bubble. The short circuit is that if they had reached the goal, they would have sent someone “impartial” into space, that is, someone not convinced of the roundness of the earth.

There is a term that best indicates the modern trend towards non-dialogue between different thoughts: polarization. Think of the earth (make an effort to imagine it as round): you are al  North Pole  and your enemies at_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb358d_ 136bad5cf . Cool, right?


I say no. In a multicultural, multiethnic and dynamic society like ours, building permanent walls is impossible,   Berlin  like Padua. The barriers satisfy the primal need to make the world a less chaotic place - but only in our eyes.

We share high-sounding phrases on our message boards. We are open, enlightened, tolerant. We would give our lives to let those who do not think like us speak. Then, if one says “killer cops” or “enough immigrants”, we become worse than some fifty-year-olds on the web: all kaffè and kontatti cleaning.

The other day I had lunch at the Balasso Refuge with  Giulia  Silva . Among other things, we talked about fascism and - when we got to the subject of the crime of apology - we found ourselves in disagreement: for them it is a good and a necessity, but for me it is not. Obviously it is a hot topic, which stirs the conscience. Did I change the table? Did they throw me out of the ossuary already? No.

The lack of a true comparison creates a comfort zone where, in empathy with those who think like us, we can forget consistency. It is the realm where fake news (vaccines, for God's sake) are very popular, a fantastic place where there are only rules invented by us.


During the election campaign, a guy challenged (rightly) Salvini because he was looking for the votes of the southerners after having painted them for years as nothing but slackers. Just after the elections, with the same tone, he supported the thesis according to which the M5S won in the South thanks to the promise of citizenship income, adding that "you know, the desire to work does not live there". And whoever pointed out to him the inconsistency of his positions ended up being canceled.

One person attacked me and the whole team of  Eterea Post Bong Band  on the choice to finance the album through crowdfunding, but we did not unsubscribe from friends. He vented all his anger in the comments and then, the first time I met him in a restaurant, he offered me a fizzy. Yes, that's right  Cappellotto .


It was he a  sent me by message the story of the flat-earthers in space, as if to say "here it is, your beloved fucking crowdfunding!". But I remained among his contacts.

Don't behave like ruthless robots in the service of multinationals. Endure, observe, criticize, comment.

But if you think otherwise, immediately unsubscribe from my contact details! KAFFÉÉÉÉÉÉ

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